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KPD Web Site Updates


Before May, 2000

Kicked ideas around for a KPD web-site 8.99
Web-page design encouraged by Chief of Police 4.00

May, 2000

Conceived general design and layout, basic 6 pages
Uploaded site to temporary location to test design
Gathered links for Kotzebue and Law enforcement
Re-designed index (Main KPD) page

June, 2000

Finished re-design
Signed up with Tripod for web-hosting 6.05.00
moved site to Tripod and made improvements
Basic site up and running 6.13.00
Added the Jail tour and Population statistics to Jail page 6.16.00
Added Old PD/Jail Demolition page (Kotzebue Links) and found more Alaska Police agencies
to add to Law Enforcement links also sent URL for site to 6.19.00
Added Guestbook, standardized navigation bar, font format 6.20.00
Posted Job Descriptions, added Bookmarks page, Patch and tips info 6.23.00
Created page for the Kotzebue City Parade 1999, Added map and pic of Kotzebue 6.24.00
Our site posted on Added 4 Police Agencies and searched out 7 new Kotzebue links to links pages 6.26.00
Signed up with for domain name.

July, 2000

Posted our First Award (Police Guide) on Awards page! and added a Hit Counter from at 6:50pm
added a Picture page for the Chief and also tweaked the Personnel page
and Main page a little. 7.04.00
Added group picture of Police Offcers to personnel page 7.08.00
Uploaded pictures to the Kotzebue Parade Page of the July 4, 2000 celebration parade. 7.09.00
Added "Top Cop Site", our second Award. 7.11.00
Updated employment listings. 7.14.00
"Hot Alaska" Award posted. Links updated. 7.21.00
Updated City Council list. 7.25.00

August, 2000

Updated Jail Population to end of July. 8.01.00
"Golden Web Award" posted. 911 Info page added. Links updated. 8.22.00
Added Job Description for Juvenile Guard. Added 3 Bookmarks. 8.24.00
Posted reward drawing for users of Guest-Book. 8.28.00
Purchased Domain Name "", added Bio of the Chief to Personnel page. 8.31.00

September, 2000

Added Road Test Info as PSA for September and on PSA page. 9.02.00
Added several Law Enforcement Link sites. Our URL on many of their directories.
Reworked KRJF Page to be more readable. 9.08-12.00
Re-arranged some links, updated City Council page and Personnel pages to reflect changes. 9.16.00
Updated Jail Population Statistics page for August. 9.17.00
Added City Job Descriptions to the City Council page 9.23.00

October, 2000

Added new link (USACops) to Law Enforcement Links page 10.18.00
Announced new Drug and Alcohol Hotline numbers, updated personnel page 10.23.00
Added several humor links to Other bookmarks page 10.26.00
Made separate page for employment opportunities 10.29.00
Placed 2 church sites on Kotzebue Links page 10.30.00
Updated Population statistics for September and October 10.31.00

November, 2000

Placed Title 6 Animal & Dog Ordinance Information on the site, added one BIO and tweaked the personnel page 11.03.00
New page just for Animal Control and dog information 11.05.00
Checked and updated several links on the Law Enforcement Links page 11.08.00
Added several Officer Bio's Personnel Page 11.09-10.00
Signed up for our SafeSurf Rating - recommended for All Ages - and place information in our HTML,
added Robert Rootes' Web-site to the Personnel Page 11.22.00
Posted another Award on our Awards page! Added Arctic Sounder e-mail link to Kotzebue Links page 11.27.00
Made repairs to Kotzebue Links page. Posted two more Awards on our Awards page 11.28-29.00
Made small changes to the Jail page, and checked more Kotzebue Links 11.30.00

December, 2000

Made some minor changes on main page and navigation bars, changed some Kotzebue Links, and added some animated Gifs 12.06.00
Added several agencies to the Law Enforcement Links page changed photo of Dispatch and updated Population Statistics for November 12.09.00
Added Background color chooser to the City Council Page 12.10.00
Placed December image of the Earth on Location Page and developed Banner for KPD 12.24.00
Added several links to Law Enforcement Links page 12.25.00
Added several shopping links to Bookmarks page 12.30.00

January, 2001

Updated KRJF Prison Population statistics 01.01.01
Posted a new Award on our Awards page 01.05-01
Added Fire at 266 page with 25 pictures, and KRJF employees group photo to our Personnel Page 01.06.01
Added LEO Memorial Fund link to Law Enforcement Links page 01.13.01
Updated some links and bookmarks 01.28.01
New Public service message for February in place 01-31-01

February, 2001

Added very old picture of Kotzebue to Kotzebue Location Page 02.09.01

March, 2001

Added New Three Perspective Map page on to the Kotzebue Location Page 03.02.01
Added KRJF Prison Population statistics for January and February 03.04.01
Made small changes on Main, Personnel, Employment and Kotzebue Links pages 03.10.01
Site at 5mb and over 5,000 hits on our Main Page!!!
Added a bio page for Police Officer Steen to the Personnel page, and made changes to the Reserve Police Officer page 03.17.01
Installed the front page of the Kotzebue Fire Department page and added a new Kotzebue Pictures page 03.18.01
Updated Kotzebue Jail page and TSI info page 03.21.01
Added picture to Kotzebue Jail page and another Bio to the Personnel page. Also, the Kotzebue Fire Department page progress will be tracked on the KVFD Site Updates page 03.25.01

April, 2001

Changed Monthly PSA information and altered employment opportunities 04.02.01
Added historical Pictures to Kotzebue Pictures page 04.05.01
Added Bios to the Personnel page 04.06.01
Updated Jail Population Statistics page for March. 04.08.01 Edited pages on and about the Personnel page
and installed new logos on main page and KVFD pages 04.12.01
Added an Officer of the Year page to the Personnel page and place new photos on the Kotzebue Jail page 04.14.01
Worked on Kotzebue Fire Department page 04.19-22.01 Added many Pictures to Kotzebue Pictures page 04.25-26.01

May, 2001

Altered background .gifs for indexed pages to allow for different screen resolutions, added links to Bookmarks page. 05.01.01 Updated Jail Population Statistics page for April. 05.02.01
Re-arranged some internal links with City page 05.20-31.01

Now tracking only major or important additions to site. Minor changes are made weekly or more often, but will not be noted here.

June, 2001

Added Police Memorial Page and updated Jail Population page 06.02.01
Updated several pages and links, added 5 pictures to Historical Picture page 06.14.01

July, 2001

Updated Jail Population Statistics page for June. 07.01.01

August, 2001

Updated Jail Population Statistics page for July. 08.04.01

September, 2001

Updated Jail Population Statistics page for August. 09.01.01
Working on DWI Info Page - Coming soon
Posted new photo on Chief's picture page. 09.12.01
Updated Personnel page and added header regarding
the Terrorism in NYC, PA, and the District of Columbia. 09.15.01
Altered KPD Main page background and some photographs/graphics. Added several pictures to the Kotzebue Pictures I and Kotzebue Pictures II pages. 09.16.01

October - December, 2001

Updated Jail Population Statistics page for September and added start of booking stats. Added Pictures to the personnel page 10.27.01
Added several pictures to Kotzebue Pictures pages.
Kept up with Patch winners and Jail Population statistics.

January, 2002

Updated Jail Population Statistics page for December 1.7.02
Added several pictures to Kotzebue Historical Pictures and updated Personnel pages 1-09-02.
Added Day room Mural Photographs and a link to it from the Jail Tour page 1.17.02

Feburary, 2002

Repaired several broken links to pictures or pages on the site. Everything should work. 02-12-02
Finished updating KRJF Prison Population statistics to include each month's number of bookings 02.14.02
Moved Patch winners list to it's own page 02.27.02

Since February, 2002

Continuous improvement and adding of information/stats to existing pages. No longer maintaining specific updates here.

Future plans:

Reserve Officer information
Safe 4 wheeler & Snowmachine driving information
City Ordinances on-line (verbatim and 'interpreted') -first the ones applicable to policing, then all.
Bike Patrol page
Police arrest statistics (by crime and by month/year) w/graphs
Drug and Alcohol information
More City information (personnel, policies, meeting notes/minutes, Pictures)
Continuous improvement, maintenance of pages and links

Suggestions welcome!

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