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Kotzebue Regional Jail
Virtual Tour

Kotzebue Regional Jail Facility - Front Door
Welcome to Kotzebue Regional Jail!

Side and rear of Jail
No loitering around the jail or looking in the windows!


Sentenced persons coming into the jail and new arrests are interviewed, searched, fingerprinted and photographed in the process of 'booking' with little difficulty. We take basic information for identification, safety and health-related issues.
The Restraint Chair

Once in the door, if a new arrestee is violent or otherwise a danger to himself or our officers, he/she may be placed in this chair. It's the Emergency Restraint Chair. There's a "seat belt", which is most commonly used. If the arrestee is out of control, wrist, ankle and shoulder restraints may be applied. It doesn't look it, but it's actually quite comfortable. Many people fall asleep in the chair while restrained!

Is booking busy? You be the judge - visit our Jail Population Page!

Holding Cells

The Holding Cell
This is the cell new arrests stay in until arraignment the following afternoon. This shows the stainless steel sink and toilet. Yes, it's a cold seat. There's a vinyl covered foam sleeping mat and a blanket is provided. It ain't Nullagvik... (although lots of sleeping occurs in this place)


The 'Two Man cell'

The 'Two Man cell'
These are pictures of a 2 man cell, for longer term inmates. These are shown in their rare, "empty" status. There are not many days like this. Bunks, shelf, Toilet/sink and 2 windows.

There's a 'Day Room' with a table and a small TV.
General purpose table

Cell windows let in the light.
The Cell windows

What's the view like out the cell windows? Well, like this:
The Cell view of Kotzebue - - The Cell view of Kotzebue

Day Room

Side and rear of Jail

In the summer of 2001, Corrections Officer Robert Rootes painted
this mural in the main day room at the jail on his own time.

Details of the Mural


This is the inmate's side of the visiting area.

Telephones and Uniform Telephones after 2004
Photo of R.O. used with his permission
Two pay-phones are the resident's only means of communicating with the "outside"
These are Courtesy Phones. Free Local calls, otherwise phone cards are accepted or you can call Collect.

This is an inmate using the phone. He is wearing the standard Prison Uniform.

Kotzebue Regional Jail - back Door
A look out the back door during a blizzard in February, 2001
at Kotzebue Regional Jail!

More to come!

Jail Keys