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Don't let your kids play with the phone.
Dispatch receives 10-20 bogus calls every DAY!
Teach them how to call for help,
their name and where they are.
Also- GCI phones - SOS is 9-1-1, not the help-desk!


There are a lot of bicycle thefts each summer,
so have your kids chain up their bikes where-ever they leave them unattended.
Lock up your bicycle
Lock'em up!
Get the serial numbers and a photo off all your bicycles.

January, 2005
Kotzebue is a "Damp" community with regard to alcohol.
Learn just how much alcohol and what kind you can bring into town per month.

Alcohol Transportation Information

You may find this eye-opening!

Lock'em up!
There are a lot of snowmachine thefts each winter,
so chain up your snowmachine, get a throttle lock,
pull the plug wires, whatever you have to do.
Some snowmachines are recovered, but many are lost forever or found stripped.
Most machines are EASY to hot-wire, so no-one is immune! (12/04)
Also, write down the VIN number and take a photo of your vehicles.

4-Wheelers are just as vulnerable, so lock them up too!

Photograph provided by Khevron
Photographs from the February 1, 2003 ATS Fire

Transportation Security Agency (TSA)
Information on what you can and cannot bring on your flight

See pictures of

Chief Russell
taking a pie-in-the-face

at the Carnival in 2002.

May, 2002 Police Memorial Photos

DUI's in Kotzebue

DUI's are a serious problem in our town. WHY!?
Updated January, 2003

Kotzebue Municipal Code
City Ordinances - will be posted
Titles 6 and 13 already on-line!

Info on Alcohol limit change from .1 to .08 for DUI

Pictures from May, 2001 Police Memorial

Fire at 266 Third Ave
See the Stunning Pictures from the November 17, 2000 Fire at House 266

- in color -

Animal/Dog Control Information

How to use 911

Fourth of July Parade Pictures

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