Straight Talk on Alcohol Transportation for Local-Option, Damp and Dry Communities

Note: This is a summary and not a full explanation of Alaska Law. Please do further research on your own if you have any doubts or questions about Alcohol Transportation or Possession in or to a Damp Community.

Shipping of Alcohol.

NOTE: All Shipped Alcohol must go through the City-Owned Liquor Store and Distribution Center.
This includes:
Shipping Yourself (to yourself);
Shipping by Wine Clubs;
and Shipping from Liquor Stores outside Kotzebue.

NO individual can ship alcohol to anyone except him/herself.

You MUST have a Kotzebue Liquor Permit BEFORE shipping.
See the Liquor Store for a Permit application.

Kotzebue, Alaska, is a “Local-Option” community. This means you can bring in to Kotzebue alcoholic beverages for consumption if it is properly labeled and within your monthly limits. It is a Felony offense to manufacture, sell, possess for sale, or barter alcoholic beverages. Title 4 of the Alaska Statutes describe in detail requirements regarding alcoholic beverages.

DO NOT try to carry Alcohol in your luggage to or through a Dry Village.

Links to the Regulation will be posted here.

Posted April, 2011

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