Kotzebue City Ordinances

As we get them processed into the computer, the Kotzebue City Ordinances subject will be here.

Title 2 Administration and Personnel. (new 8/03)
Ordinance 3-13 Appropriations for Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2003 and Ending June 30, 2004

Chapter 3.17 Draft Local Hire Requirements.
Chapter 5 Taxicabs and Motor Buses & Food Deliverers.(new 5/03)
Title 6 Animal Control Ordinances.
Title 8 Garbage & Sanitation Ordinances. (altered 8/03)
Title 13 Public Services - Water and Sewer Utility.

Miscellaneous Rules and Clarifications:

Chapter 9.76 Curfew

According to Municipal Code 9.76, Curfew in Kotzebue is 10pm (until 6am) on School nights, and Midnight (until 6am) all other nights, unless decreed by the Chief of Police to be later for special events. Minors (under 18 years old) out after this hour are subject to citation for curfew. Parents may issue a note for a minor to be out late returning home for an excusal. Fines for Minor AND Parent: First offense $25, Second offense $50 and mandatory court with parents or guardian. Subsequent appearances can result of fines up to a maximum of $100.00.
Establishments that harbor juveniles after curfew are subject to fines from $100 to $300. Parents: Do you know where your children are?


According to Municipal Code 8.08, Use, sale or giving away Fireworks of any kind is illegal within the city limits of Kotzebue. City limits include anywhere a car can be driven in and around Kotzebue. Citations can be issued and fines charged for up to $300.00.

Dog Licensing and Animal Control

All dogs must be licensed and immunized against Rabies in Kotzebue. Licenses are $5.00 each, and if you have more than 5 dogs, you can get a kennel rate at $30.00. For full information on Dogs and other animal issues, view the Kotzebue City ordinances Title 6 on the Animal Control Ordinances Page.

Updated August, 2003

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