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Where is Kotzebue Alaska?

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Mountain Monarchs Moose Hunt

From: Seinerman

CNN Visited Little Diomede Island
Yahoo News

Helicopter Ride in the DeLong Range north of Kotzebue

Videos added April - July, 2008:

Water Skipping In Kotz Alaska

Douglas DC-6 Landing Kotzebue

Alaska Airlines taking off in Fog

Northwind 100 - Arctic Operation

Red Dog Mine TV Concept

KOTZ Broadcasting class 1979

Oprah in Kotzebue

Former KPD Officer Vince Garay is the guitar player in these videos:

Black Rain


Black Rain

Vince has the Blue shirt on. Good shots at 1:52 and 3:10+.

Vince has the B&W guitar and Yellow shirt.
From: amayjohn 12/07

Dallas in a Blizzard!

From: dactstoner 2/08

Kotzebue Handbell Ensemble State 2005

From: arcticsaintl 2/08

Noataks Eskimo Dancers

From: nlynx12 1/08

The Bike jump in Kotzebue Alaska

From: Ryan22McConnell 1/08

Kiana to Kotzebue Alaska

From: beringseacaptain 1/08

The Hyperboreans
A short documentary about the effects of global warming on the traditional Inupiaq way of life

From: teledrums 12/07

Uruk's Igloo

From: alaskafilms 12/07

Beach fun

From: ericacwest 1/08

Caribou in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

From: kylekasza 9/07

Cessna 206 landing by Candle

From: grayboot 11/07

Billiam the Snowman
CNN/YouTube Debate: Global Warming

From: kotasHQ 07/07

Losing Ground 1/3 -Shishmaref, Alaska-

From: jundoub1977 3/07

Point Hope, Alaska

From: BlackLabStudios 2/07

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Burt Fisher

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