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2006 to May, 2007

Where is Kotzebue Alaska?

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Landing in Kotzebue, Alaska 2003 Boeing 727

From: beringseacaptain 2/07

Kotzebue dancers walking out to perform. Kivgiq, 2007

From: kaparaqness 2/07

Quick Dog-Mushing start
Ed Iten, Kotzebue, Iditarod Musher # 30

From: LarryTaylorJr 3/07

Short - Sounds of a Bering Sea blizzard

from: supercub94a

Alaska, Tv documentary Expedition Dec 2006

From: Raulxl1

Alaska Blizzard 2-28 to 3-01, 2006

From: BlackLabStudios

Opera in Kotzebue!

Snippets from The Magic Flute - February 14, 2007

From: Khevron

Starring Martin Woods as The Storyteller
a natural role for him!
From: Khevron

Snowmobiling in Kotzebue, Alaska

When it's -17F, you gotta find a way to keep busy (and warm). From: Khevron

Amil Carter Jr. & Louis Hadley 3rd

Waterskipping on the Buckland River

Kotzebue, Alaska to the Tune "Highway to Hell"

This is the video that I put together after a trip to Kotzebue.
Check "other video's by this user" for Selawik, Point Hope, etc.

Pan over Kotzebue from the Moon to the Sun almost due South
January 3, 2007 around 1:30pm (High Noon of the short day in Kotzebue) From: Khevron

Pan over Kotzebue looking from the Sun in the South to the Moon in the North

January 3, 2007
From: Khevron

Short Blizzard - 45-55mph winds - November 30, 2006

Near KOTZ toward the Borough Building.
From: Khevron

After Blizzard November 30, 2006
Same view sans wind.

A 4-Wheeler ride along Shore Avenue - November 27, 2006 9pm

Lagoon to Post office
From: Khevron

Post Office to Bison Street
From: Khevron

Bison Street

From Bison Down Third Avenue

Cold day in the Arctic - 2004

Scarlet insisting on a walk

Crunchy Snow in Kotzebue #1

November 11, 2006

Crunchy Snow in Kotzebue #2

November 11, 2006

Kotzebue Sound after freeze - not thick, but covered.

November 9, 2006

Kotzebue Sound just starting to freeze.

October 25, 2006

The Fishkateers on Alaska's Kugururok River - August, 2006

by CelebrateBig
16 Minute trip journal

Rural Alaska: Why do I live here? - May, 2006

Starts in Kotzebue - travel to Shungnak, Alaska!

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