Photographs of Kotzebue Alaska VIII

Kotzebue Mid-October 2005

Where is Kotzebue Alaska?

Herein are pictures of buildings and scenes in Kotzebue.
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Kotzebue Sound early November

Homing home to home in Kotzebue


See pics of the High Water around Kotzebue 9-23-05

Late August:

SCA Heraldic Coats of arms on 577A Shed

Curbing Second Avenue

Second Avenue paving (early grading stage)

Mission Street


Teacher Housing

Teacher Housing

Alaska Airlines 737 Take-off June, 2005

KEA Track-Truck:

April, 2005 by Cemetary Hill

New housing behind the Hospital on the Lagoon

February, 2005

Looking back at the OTZ Telephone

Trail to Sisaulik

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