Photographs of Kotzebue Alaska VI

Where is Kotzebue Alaska?

Some pictures of Kotzebue,
Winter of 2003-Summer of 2004

Kotzebue October 18, 2003
Kotzebue October 18, 2003

Herein are pictures of buildings and scenes in Kotzebue.
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July 7, 2004 Between 11pm and Midnight:

View from Vortac

The intersection by Cemetery Hill and Ted Stevens way Pavement.

To Cemetery Hill

To North lots

Down back into town

June 30, 2004
Ted Stevens Way, Paved from Fifth Avenue to Cemetery Hill!

The sun at Midnight over Swan Lake

June 20, 2004
Ready to pave Ted Stevens Way, from Fifth Avenue to Cemetery Hill!

Views from First Bridge

May 1, 2004
Baker Aviation and Bering Airline switched places!

April 27, 2004
Near Midnight along Shore Avenue.

Christmas is over!

Mid-March, 2004
New 778 Apartments at Third and Bison.

778 B & A

778 E, D & C

Bison Street

Bison Street Store

Third Avenue

Maniilaq Health Center

December, 2003
New Maniilaq Apartments almost finished at Third and Bison.

778 B & A

778 E, D & C

Along Shore Drive Kotzebue 12/8
The Moon is deformed from the atmosphere.

November, 2003
Around Kotzebue 11/16 - Open Water!

October, 2003
Bison Street Apts Progress:

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