Historical Photographs of Kotzebue Alaska
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Where is Kotzebue Alaska?

Herein are Historical Photographs of Kotzebue.
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Kotzebue, 1962 - provided by Dr. Larry Heavrin

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Photos taken in 1970-71

Picture provided by Pete Shugar

Photos taken in 1970

Building on shore was warehouse and cannery owned by Don & Archie Fersuson.



Picture provided by Greg Zastava

Photos taken in 1943 in Kotzebue!

The tall lady is Edna (Todhunter) Reynolds; the short one is Carol (Flatt) Sycks. Carol is the daughter of Art and Dolly (Todhunter) Flatt.

Picture provided by Carol Sycks

Photos from 1906 in Kotzebue!

Photos taken in 1962 in Kotzebue!

Larry Heavrin, M.D (who's provided these photos and text.

Nancy is now Mrs. Paul Yantchook and they live in the mountains of western NC.

Ida was the secretary at the hospital and one my favorite people. Is she still around?

Gerry was the hospital administrator in 1962.

Man in middle Levy (Beanie) Mills, Jr.; Nurse to right Josephine Sampson?

Dr. Wade Ortel was the senior officer at the hospital while I was there.

Dr. Bob Lathrop was the dentist and Petey, his wife, was his assistant. I am sure that all the people who were in Kotzebue in the 1960s will remember both of them.

Doc Harris cutting fish

Photos provided by Dr. Larry Heavrin, M.D. heavrin(at)charter.net
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