Historical Photographs of Kotzebue Alaska
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Where is Kotzebue Alaska?

Herein are Historical Photographs of Kotzebue.
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Kotzebue, 1969
Kotzebue circa 1969

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"Kobuk Mary"

Carver circa 1960
Charlie Iyapana

Teress Vernon, sitting on a dogsled with two unidentified men standing next to her.
Circa 1930's.

Mary Lou Campbell (whose married name was Briggs).
Circa 1930's.

Pictures provided by Sunny

Photos by Bob Seay from July, 1970:

Bob Seay, Linda Lincoln, Glenn Wilson and Kathy Caroll

from July 4, 1970:

May M. Lane - Left; Helen Conwell -Right
Blanket toss about where KIC Lumber yard is now.

Drying Salmon

Linda Lincoln

Shore Avenue

Muktuk Eating Contest
Nellie Flood ___?___ (Partially in Picture), Linda "Penny" Lie, Linda Lincoln Mauer and Bea Ballot ___?___

Recognized: Minnie Gray (blue parka), Esther Outwater (center standing), Bessie Shy (in aqua)

December, 1970:

Bob Seay e-mail: bob.seay(at)earthlink.net

Photos by Wayne Daughtry from Circa June, 1960:

Noatak River

Eckardt's General Store

The building was floated down the Noatak from the fox farm in Noatak to Kotzebue.
The Walsh's bought it, sold fox furs and penny candies.

The Post Office, but exactly where?

Word is it was next to the Baptist church on shore.

Elders on Shore Avenue


Wayne and Girlfriend ("Mary" from Fairbanks)

Beluga Whale Slaughtering

Inez Koenig in blue parka.

This picture was donated to the Kotzebue Museum in 1967:

Photo by F.H. Nowell, 1904. Who is she???

Wien-Alaska Airlines Arctic Tours Bus!
With Elmer and Laura Davis' sled on wheels and dog team.

Photos from Eric & Mary Swisher

1930's: Emma, Paul J., Mary O., Frank, Annie, & Angeline Davidovics

1930's: Angeline, Paul J., Mary O. & Emma Davidovics

Alaska Airlines' 737

Markair's 737

Wein Air Alaska's 737

Photos from John Ward

Ice overflow after storm in 1982

Shore Avenue after storm in 1982

Large collection of photos from Joe Mabry
centered on his experience in 1964

Kids on Post office steps 1964
Word is that they are Julius Jessup, Lena Jessup, and
Noah Jessup or Johnny Flood

September, 1964

Aerial view of Kotzebue May, 1965

Alaska Airlines Lockheed Constellation

Backyard on Second behind Weins

Cold day at the base

Early 1960's

Hanson's Trading Co. 1960's

Kotzebue National Forest

Kotzebue National Forest in color!

Little Pete's on Tundra- owned by Stubby Lambert

Mission Way by Rotman's Store

By Eckardt's Store

Post Office late 1950's

Radar Dome lit from inside

Shore Avenue

Unknown late 50's?

Going for a drive.

Pictures provided by Joe Mabry

Another Air Force Station Pictures Page
A Year in the Arctic: January, 1961 - January, 1962
by Jay Miller

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