City of Kotzebue
Refuse Department

Ernest Hyatt - Supervisor

Baler Building


Residential Trash Pick-up Schedule

All residences South of Bison street are picked up on Tuesday.
All residences North of Bison street are picked up on Thursday.
If your pick-up day falls on a holiday, pick-ups will be done the next work day.


Household trash to be picked up must be bagged or boxed securely so it cannot be scattered by the wind.
These bags or boxes should not be heavier than 50lbs.
Do NOT place bulk items by the trash unless you want them picked up.
It is hard for the collectors to know if it is your trash or your treasure.

Oil, paint/solvents and batteries must be brought to the Baler Building weekdays
between 10am – 12 noon and 1pm – 5pm for proper disposal.
Oil should be in 1 gallon containers.

Do NOT throw batteries in with household garbage!

Trash containers

Covered plastic garbage cans are the ideal trash containers.
All boxed or bagged trash must be placed on a raised three sided platform
with the top covered with wire or boards to keep birds out and trash in.
Platforms must be located next to the road and constructed similarly to the example below.

Platform is high enough to keep dogs out, open toward the road and have wire or wood on top to keep out birds.
Knotted ropes or bungee cords are good to put on the front to discourage birds as well.

This trash-container is made by the Kotzebue High School Wrestling Team,
and can be ordered for $200.00. Profits to benefit the Huskies
Contact: Walt Maslan at Maniilaq, Coach McKenney at 442-4382
e-mail: fmckenney(at) or Nancy Mercer at City Hall.

A bale of trash, compacted and ready to go to the landfill.

Refrigerators have to have the refrigerant removed before dumping.

Kotzebue Municipal Ordinance states:
“It shall be the duty of an person owning or controlling a private premises including vacant lots visibile from any public place or private premises, to maintain such premises in a reasonably clean and orderly manner and to a standard conforming to other orderly primises in that vicinity. It is in violation to abandon, neglect or disregard the condition or appearance of any premises so as to permit it to accumulate little thereon. Kotzebue Municipal Code 8.04.110.
Contact the Public Works Office at 442-3470 Ext. 117 with any questions.


Recycling in Kotzebue

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