Recycling in Kotzebue

More and more people are recycling!

Aluminum Recycling option
Aluminum Recycling option ALPAR

Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling

RBRC Rechargable Battery Recycling Corporation
Turn in your dead rechargable ni'cads, cordless drill, laptop, cell phone batteries.

Excellent link to Recycling and conservation information!!

Energy Star
Info on efficient use of energy.

Alaska Center for the Environment
Reduce your Junk Mail and reduce waste!

Recycling and Conservation, Products and News
Huge Link resource!!

Get $money for empty/used printer, copier and fax cartridges!!

Recycling At Work Program

Oil is recycled and burned as fuel - bring it to the Baler Building at Public Works
Refuse Department

If you would like to organize recycling efforts in Kotzebue, like for Cardboard, Paper and Aluminum, contact the City Clerk. We'll also happily promote it here!

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