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New DMV Registration and Insurance Requirements for Kotzebue

Questions? Call the DMV at the Borough office 442-2500
Until recently, Kotzebue was exempt from this provision because it had an average daily traffic volume of 499 or less. A study conducted by the Department of Transportation has determined the average daily traffic volume for Kotzebue now exceeds 499 (by triple or more).

"The date for the new DMV requirements for vehicle registration, driver licensing and mandatory vehicle insurance has not been set yet. Once the new DMV regulations have been approved and published, a date for Kotzebue residents to have their vehicles registered, get licensed to drive those vehicles and have mandatory vehicle insurance will be set by DMV...stay tuned!"

DMV Documents (MS: Word .doc files)

These documents explain the needs, requirements and fees involved for each subject.

Drivers License
Required documents to obtain and fees.

Commercial Drivers License
The Off-System (restriction 7) can be removed at any time following the successful completion of a road skills test. Required by September 1, 2010.

Vehicle Registration
Every vehicle driven, moved, or parked upon a highway or other public place in the state shall be registered.

Mandatory Insurance
Vehicles, snowmachines and ATVs driven on Kotzebue’s public roads MUST have insurance, including those driven in from surrounding communities.

Registration & Insurance of Snowmachines and ATVs on Roads
All snowmachines driven in Alaska MUST be registered.

Vehicle Titles
What vehicles are titled?

Surety Bond Information
Surety bonds are for applicants who have purchased a vehicle and no longer have the original title.

To Kotzebue Police Department