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City of Kotzebue
Public Works Department

Community Transportation Construction Projects per State of Alaska
Transportation and Public Facilities


5th Avenue Paving - $2.5 Million
Paving of 5th Avenue and Walkway, and shoulder on 3rd Avenue.
(Completed 9/2002)

Airport Apron & Terminal Area Expansion - $4.5 Million
Airport repaving and paving of public parking area.
(Completed 9/2002)

Ted Stevens Way - $5.8 Million
Project will include upgrade and surfacing of approximately 2 miles for roadway between town and Cemetery Road.
(Completed 9/2006)

Kotzebue Dust Control - $2.4 Million
Project includes collection of community dust particulate density and follow-up paving of local streets including 2nd Avenue. Possible construction delayed to 2004 pending completion of the City of Kotzebue underground utility upgrades.


Airport ARFF/SREB - $8.5 Million
Constuction of a new building to house airport fire/rescue, airport maintenance equipment and officers for D.O.T. & P.F, FAA and the National Weather Service.
(Completed 2007)

Shore Avenue Rehabilitation - $20 Million
Project includes reconstruction and paving of Shore Avenue with a pedestrian walkway and beachfront viewing areas. Project also included beach erosion protection. Construction funding currently programmed for 2008.
See: Shore Avenue Erosion Project

Eastside Obstruction Removal & Safety Area Expansion- $13.0 Million
Project includes hillside excavation to improved the runway approach at the east end. Will also include other runway safety are improvements.
(Completed 2006)

Airport relocation feasability Study- $500,000
Study intended to examine long-term relocation of the airport.
(Completed early 2008)

Float Pond Land Acquisition - $1.0 Million
After KIC's gravel extraction and dewatering, land will be acquired for the Isaac Lake float pond.

General Aviation Parking Expansion, Phase I - $3.9 Million
Construction of the general aviation tiedown area is proposed to occur in two phases. Phase I is located south of the National Guard hanger. Construction funding is tentatively scheduled for 2005.


Planning: Ethan Birkholz 907 451-2381
email is ethan.birkholz(at)

Design: John Alvis 907 442-3414

Construction: Blaine Galleher 907 443-3441

Updated March, 2008

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