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Kotzebue Police Blotter

January, 2004 Week #2

January 09-15, 2004


1555 hrs, Report of a loose dog on Adams Street. Animal Control responded and could not locate the animal.

1528 hrs, One loose dog caught from the 600 block of Fifth Ave. Dog was impounded.

1519 hrs, Report of a traffic accident at Third and Bison. Snowmachine versus vehicle, with injuries.

1502 hrs, Report of traffic accident at Third and Bison. Two vehicles, property damage only.

1220 hrs, Report of an assault victim in a residence on Adams Street.

1219 hrs, Report of two juveniles truant from school in the 300 block of Shore Ave. Officers responded and returned the boys to their parents.

1141 hrs, KPD received a call from the Alaska State Troopers to check the welfare of a female in the 41 unit. KPD officers responded and transported the female to MHC for evaluation.

1011 hrs, One Sixth Street a call was received for a disturbance involving intoxicated individuals. Officers responded and found there was no criminal problem.

0921 hrs, Esther R. Everett, 45, arrested for DUI.

0012 hrs, Report of a fight in the 300 block of Tundra Way. Officers checked with residents in the area and did not find a disturbance.


1451 hrs, A malnourished dog was found in the 300 block of Shore Ave. Animal Control has impounded the dog.

0902 hrs, Animal Control caught a medium size brown dog in a trap in the 900 block of Third Ave.

0705 hrs, Report of a dog that slipped his collar in the 400 block of Fifth Ave. Animal Control caught the dog in the 100 block of Third Ave.


2046 hrs, Report of intoxicated people on the ground in the 500 block of Second Ave. Officers located the individuals and transported them to a safe place for the night.

2028 hrs, Report of several intoxicated people refusing to leave a house in the 500 block of Second Ave. Officers responded and left of their request.

2025 hrs, Report of a loose dog on Second Ave near NAPA. The owner was contacted to catch his dog and tie him up.


1600 hrs, In the 200 block of Third Ave a dog was hit by a vehicle. Due to the injuries the dog was dispatched by Animal Control.

1436 hrs, A black pup was picked up in the 500 block of Bison and impounded.

1240 hrs, Report of a forgery case. Investigation pending.

1153 hrs, Report of juveniles damaging the fire extinguishers in the 16 unit

1028 hrs, Homer Washington, 42, arrested for assault 4 DV.

0811 hrs, Report of a burglary at the radio station. Investigation pending.


2049 hrs, James P. Coppock Foster, 25, arrested on violation of a domestic violence order.

2000 hrs, Report of damage done to a house on Adams Street. Investigation pending.

1940 hrs, Report of an assault that occurred at MHC. Investigation pending.

1857 hrs, An anonymous caller requested help and hung up the phone before an address could be obtained. The dispatcher was able to trace the call to the 29 unit, where officers responded and did not find a problem.

1245 hrs, An intoxicated male was on the steps of a home in the 800 block of Sixth Ave. Officers contacted the male and provided him transportation to a safe place to stay.


1853 hrs, Report of a male in the road in the area of Second and Lagoon. Officers contacted the male and determined there was no need for assistance. The male was intoxicated and helped into his home by family.

0423 hrs, Nathan Cleveland, 32, arrested for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender 0057 hrs, Nereid Henry, 27, arrested for DUI.


1313 hrs, Request by MHC Security to remove a female from MHC property. Officers transported the female to another location.

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