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Kotzebue Police Blotter

January, 2004 Week #1

January 04-08, 2004


1012 hrs, Report of a burglary at Baker Aviation. Officers gathered evidence from the scene and an investigation is to follow.

0924 hrs, Report of a female that refused to leave a residence in the 300 block of Third Ave. The female had left upon Officers arrival.

0507 hrs, Report of a fight in the 800 block of Caribou. Officers responded and found a fight had not occurred. The homeowner requested Officers help in removing two intoxicated people from the residence. They were transported to a safe place for the night.

0248 hrs, Rose Wood, 39, arrested for Assault 4 DV and on a warrant for Importation.

0135 hrs, Report of a burglary alarm at the Middle School. Officers responded and found the building secure.


2158 hrs, Stephen Schaeffer, 31, arrested for Assault 4 DV and Interfering with the Report of a DV Report

1918 hrs, Report of a stolen snowmachine cover in the 800 block of Sixth Street. It is described as a green xl cover made by Cabela’s.

1804 hrs, Report of an intoxicated female violating her conditions of release on Adams Street. Officers responded and found the female had not violated her conditions of release and left upon Officers request.

1731 hrs, Report of an accident on Ted Stevens Way near the back of the hospital. This was a property damage accident only, no injuries reported.

1704 hrs, Report of an intoxicated male lying on Shore Ave near the Post Office. Officers responded and found the male was unable to stand unassisted. Officers provided a ride to a safe residence.

1420 hrs, Report of a suspicious bag in MHC. Bag was picked up by KPD until the owner can be identified.

1259 hrs, Report of a male passed out on the steps of a home in the 600 block of Caribou. Officers contacted an intoxicated male and provided transportation to another residence.

1003 hrs, Report of a lost wallet in the area of EZ market. Complainant called later to report the wallet had been found.


2007 hrs, Report of a male who placed an order from a local delivery restaurant and refused to open the door.

1754 hrs, Report of a traffic altercation in the area of Fifth and Bison.

1214 hrs, Report of two fire extinguishers stolen from Senior Iglut Apartments.

1108 hrs, Report of a dog trying to attack people in the 800 block of Garden Street. Officers chased the dog to its residence and will be contacting the owner.


1355 hrs, Request for 2 dogs to be disposed of in the 700 block of Shore Ave.

1244 hrs, Request for animal control to dispose of 1 adult cat and 1 kitten. These animals were adopted out.

1113 hrs, Report of a loose dog in the area of Third Ave by the cemetery. The owner of the dog was contacted and advised to tie his dog up.

0827 hrs, Request for animal control to dispose of a dog from the 300 block of Whittier Street.

0620 hrs, Report of a disturbance in the 100 block of Lagoon Street. Officers responded and found the incident to be a civil problem.

0216 hrs, At the A2 unit there was a report of an injured male in the hallway. Investigation pending.


2007 hrs, In the area if the Emergency Room it was reported there were juveniles setting off firecrackers. Officers determined the juveniles did not have a medical emergency and they were asked to leave the area.

1653 hrs, Report of someone walking on a roof in the 1000 block of Otter St. Officers checked the area and could nto find anyone on the roof.

0944 hrs, Jeff Tiepelman, 20, arrested on warrant for Assault 3 DV (2 counts)DUI & DWLR

0721 hrs, Lathrop Russell, 33, arrested for DUI, DWLR and Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test

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