Reason #1 to live in the Arctic

Hurrican 2004

Katrina 8-29-05

Reason #2 to live in the Arctic

This sort of nonsense doesn't happen in the latitudes of the far North. (not with sand, anyway)

Reason #3 to live in the Arctic

No tornados or cyclones or twisters, whatever the name of the day is - not in the arctic!

Further Reasons to Live in the Arctic (in no particular order):
  • Thunder (and Lightning) storms are vanishingly rare.
  • 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit are considered HOT days.
  • 24 hour sun for 20 days in June, 24 hour Dark for 20 days in December, equal 12hr sun/dark at March and September Equinoxes. Always changing!
  • The Sun is in a different position at any given time of the day. In other words, that morning commute 'sun in your eyes' will only be for about a week.
  • Aurora Borealis -the Northern Lights- always inspiring and viewable 6-9 months of the year!
  • No fleas, no cockroaches, no ticks, few spiders (unless you bring 'em with you).
  • Little chance of sunburn, sunstroke or skin cancer.
  • Less light pollution for viewing the stars and planets.
  • Less crowding, less traffic. You can usually walk where you need to go.
  • Cold air is heavier, so aircraft fly better in the cold (to a certain degree).
  • With Global Warming, the climate is only improving! '

    Sure, we get lots of snow, but it's the sort you brush off the steps with a broom- crystalline and dry, not the heavy wet kind. And yes, we get temperatures down to -40 before wind chill, but hey, we're not living out of doors! Just one 5-10 minute shuffle to work or school in the morning and afternoon or to the store per day.

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