Photographs of Kotzebue Alaska IV

Herein are pictures of buildings and scenes in Kotzebue.
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Kotzebue Pictures Index

Sunset Pictures

July 29, 2002 after midnight...
all taken over a 10-15 minute period

Construction season!

Contractor on Shore Ave:

House extension on Friends Way:

New 6-plex on Friends Way:

5th Avenue Paving, Curbing & Sidewalk project
Mid-August 2002:

4th and Mission

5th and Mission

5th and Bison

Airport parking lot:

First 2 weeks of September:

Paving Sidewalks

Paving Mission Street

Flat Surfaces!

Bison Street

New House on Friend's Way

New House at Tundra and 2nd

These two are just after the same sunset
on August 18, 2002 about 11:40pm

The KEA Wind Farm:

Other Summertime Photos:
Late summer barge August 30, 2002


Cemetery Hill

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