Famous people in Kotzebue, Alaska!

I saw a list of names like this at a DMV and thought it'd be fun to list people in town that have 'famous' names.

Latest name (#90-92) added 3-30-12

Presented here in Alphabetical order.

John (Jon) Adams John Adams

Patch (Patrick) Adams Patch Adams

Samuel Adams Samuel Adams

Richard Anderson Richard Anderson
Richard (Dean) Anderson Richard Dean Anderson

Michael Anthony (Brown) Michael Anthony

Bill Bailey Bill Bailey
Song - Bill Bailey (Won't you come home?) by Hughie Cannon

Tammy (Faye) Baker Tammy (Faye) Baker

Richard Benjamin (Koutchak) Richard Benjamin

Mary Black Mary Black

Joe Black Joe Black

John (Wilkes) Booth John Wilkes Booth

Charlie Brown Charlie Brown

James Brown James Brown

John Brown John Brown

Samantha Brown Samantha Brown

Molly Brown (the Unsinkable) Molly Brown

Robert Bruce (Cyr) Robert the Bruce

Frank Burns Frank Burns

John (Jonathan) Carter John Carter of Mars

Tom Collins Tom Collins

Jim Davis Jim Davis

Paul Davis Paul Davis

(Warren) Tom Davis Tom Davis with Al Franken

Kirk Douglas (Jolma) Kirk Douglas

John (Jon) Edward (Ipalook) John Edward

Lily Fair Lily Fair

Crystal Gayle (Reich) Crystal Gayle

Kenneth Clark Kenneth Clark

(Nanna) Carol Cleveland Carol Cleveland

Leo Green(e) (Senator-Maryland)Leo Green

Richard Harris Richard Harris

John Henry John Henry

Patrick Henry Patrick Henry

Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson

Daniel Jackson Daniel Jackson

Joe (K) Jackson Joe Jackson

Percy Jackson Percy Jackson

Steve Jackson Steve Jackson

Kevin James (Wells) Kevin James

Don Johnson Don Johnson

Catherine (Zeta-) Jones Catherine Zeta-Jones

(Samuel) Dean Jones Dean Jones

(Alice) Grace Jones Grace Jones

Tom Jones Tom Jones

Tommy Lee Jones Tommy Lee Jones

Robert Jordan (Hawley) Robert Jordan

George Kennedy George Kennedy

Brian Keith (Ramoth) Brian Keith

James Kirk James Kirk

Otto von Kotzebue Otto von Kotzebue

Lois Lane Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane Terry Hatcher as Lois Lane  Margot Kidder as Lois Lane Erica Durance as Lois Lane Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane

Alan Lee (Butera) Alan Lee

Jason Lee Jason Lee -

Michelle Lee (Lie) 'The Black Widow' Michelle Lee The Black Widow
Michelle Lee Michelle Lee of Knots Landing etc

Sugar Ray (Greist) Sugar Ray

Richard Lewis Richard Lewis

(Okaylak) Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

Lee Marvin (Marvin Lee) Lee Marvin

Dave Mason Dave Mason

James Mason James Mason

Dave Matthews (Band) Dave Matthews

James Monroe James Monroe

William Morris William Morris

Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse

Ken Norton Ken Norton

Raven Sara Ravensara

Oliver Reed Oliver Reed

Kim Richards Kim Richards

Louis Rich (Reich)Louis Rich

Richie Rich (Reich)Richie Rich

Jack Russell (Richards) Jack Russell Terrier

Mark Russell (Nanini) Mark Russell

Randolph Scott (Henry)Randolph Scott

Walter Scott (Whalin)Walter Scott

(Jody) Sidney SheldonSidney Sheldon

Will SmithWill Smith

Martha Stewart Martha Stewart

Patrick Stewart (Adams) Patrick Stewart

Danny Thomas Danny Thomas

Richard Thomas Richard Thomas

Hiram Walker Hiram Walker

Johnny Walker Johnny Walker

George Washington (Kennedy) George Washington

John Wayne John Wayne

John Williams John Williams

Sereena Williams Serena Williams

Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson

Ed Wood Ed Wood

Natalie Wood Natalie Wood

Robert Young Robert Young

These are names of people of Kotzebue,
past and present, who have the
same name as Celebrities, Characters or other.

Thanks for all the additions so far!!
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