Fire at 285 Fourth Avenue Garage

At about 7:54pm on November 17, 2004, a fire was reported at the garage by 285. The Kotzebue Volunteer
Fire Department
responded and fought the blaze.

The following selection of photographs were taken from the perspective of the Kotzebue Jail across the street..

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Short Movie 1

Short Movie 2

Larger verson of Movie 2

Short Movie 3

There was a stiff wind, so the fire trailed to the right beyond the fire truck.

All photos by Donovan Khevron Goertz
Movies edited by Lareena Smith

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Posted November 21, 2004

Stills uploaded at standard Browser quality, 72dpi. Movies shortened for downloading. Originals shot at a larger format with a Konica-Minolta DiMAGE Z3 Digital camera.