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Kotzebue Police Department
Job Description


1. Must have a High School Diploma.
2. Possess or be capable of obtaining an Alaska Drivers License.
3. Fifteen (15) years experience in a public safety related field, at least five (5) of which was in an administrative/supervisory capacity.
4. Specialized experience in dealing with crisis management from an administrative/supervisory command level.
5. Ability to command and administrate a department consisting of Police and Jail operations. Must be flexible in order to accommodate other needs of the City of Kotzebue, as designated by the City Manager.
6. Must have good written and oral communication skills.
7. Must possess a confidential and professional manner.
8. Strong administrative/supervisory skills.

1. Provide any and all reports desired by the City Manager as they apply to the Police Department. Initiate public safety programs.
2. Responsible for proper fiscal and operational administration; and supervision of sub-departments within the Police Department.
3. Coordinate with department heads and supervisors with the Police Department to ensure smooth day to day operation; implementation of programs and compliance with City, State and Federal regulations.
4. Responsible for all administrative/supervisory duties of the Police Department.
5. Perform and/or assume other job or work related duties as assigned by the City Manager.

Salary: D.O.E.
Permanent/Full Time

Opening Date: August 16, 2002
Closing Date: September 27, 2002

Interested persons should submit an Alaska Police Standards Form F3
and a resume to:

City of Kotzebue
PO Box 46
Kotzebue, AK 99752

The City of Kotzebue is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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