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Kotzebue Police Department
Job Description

Animal Control Officer

1. Must have a High School Diploma, or GED.
2. Must be 21 years of age, in good physical and mental condition, and with good moral character.
3. Must be a United States Citizen.
4. Possess of be capable of obtaining an Alaska Drivers License.
5. Must display the ability to relate to the citizens, fellow workers and supervisors of the community.
6. Must be able to exercise sound and reasonable judgement in everyday working decision making.
7. Will be subject to an extensive background investigation.

1. Catch and impound at-large animals.
2. Feed, water and care for animals in the pound.
3. Maintain the animal pound, to include cleaning and maintenance.
4. Maintain record-keeping system for animals in the pound.
5. Perform and/or assume other job or work related duties as assigned.

Salary: $18.37/hr.
Permanent/Full Time
Immediate Supervisor: Chief of Police
Positions Supervised: None

Opening Date: May, 2005
Closing Date: When filled

Interested persons should submit an application or resume to:
City of Kotzebue
PO Box 46
Kotzebue, AK 99752

The City of Kotzebue is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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