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Kotzebue Fire Department
Job Description


1. Must have a High School Diploma, or GED.
2. Firefighter 1 experience.
3. Ability to lift 100 lbs. to shoulder height.
4. Ability to operate all fire pumps, fire apparatus and fire appliances.
5. Ability to perform basic maintenance on vehicles.
6. Must have current Alaska Drivers License.
7. Current EMT II or III Certificate or willing to obtain same within six (6) months.

1. Responsible for fire protection and ambulance service for the City of Kotzebue.
2. Responsible for vehicle inspections and ambulance driver during day shift.
3. Check gas and oil levels in all Fire Trucks and Ambulances.
4. Clean apparatus, floor and break room areas.
5. Perform minor repairs on portable pumps, fire apparatus and fire appliances.
6. Perform janitorial duties at the Fire Hall.
7. Perform and/or assume other job or work related duties as assigned.
8. Refill and maintain air (SCBA) tanks, mask and regulators.
9. Have or willing to obtain all required immunizations.
10. Be willing to accept on call ambulance duty on a scheduled basis.
11. Rotating shift required.

Salary: $20.25/hr. + D.O.E.
Permanent/Full Time
Immediate Supervisor: Fire Chief
Positions Supervised: None

Opening Date: January 17, 2004
Closing Date: Open until Filled

City of Kotzebue
PO Box 46
Kotzebue, AK 99752

The City of Kotzebue is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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