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Jeff Waller Info

Jeff Waller Biographical Information

C.O. Jeff Waller

Originally from southern California, Jeff came to Kotzebue at the insistance of family members already living here. Since it didn't conflict with any of his current life plans, he decided to check out the area. It shouldn't come as any surprise that he soon found himself applying for work and deciding to live here. Jeff began his law enforcement career in 1982, hiring on as a Patrolman for the City of Kotzebue. He attended the 23rd session of the Municipal Police Academy in Sitka, bringing to his new career many innovations and adaptions for law enforcement in the Arctic. He was promoted to Corporal in 1983, adding first-line supervisory responsibilities to his regular patrol duties. In 1995 Jeff was promoted to Patrol Sergeant, a position he held until 1998.

Jeff moved to Anchorage for a year, but strong family ties (in 1985 he married a wonderful woman from Noatak - Ethel Burns) brought him back to Kotzebue in May of 1999. He now works as a Corrections Officer at the Kotzebue Regional Jail Facility. He was selected to attend the Basic Corrections Officer Academy in Anchorage and is expected to complete that course of instruction in December, 2000.

Jeff continues to live in Kotzebue with his wife and their four children. He enjoys hunting and fishing.

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Posted November, 2000