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Lee Virg-In Info

Corporal Lee Virg-In Biographical Information

Cpl. Lee Virg-In August, 2000

Lee grew up between the Yukon Delta and Eastern Washington. After high school and two years of college Lee obtained a Village Police Officer position in March, 1993 with the city of Emmonak. Lee then was hired by the city of St. Maryís were he obtained the rank of Sergeant. He attended and graduated the Municipal Police Academy #35 in Sitka, AK. Lee then moved to the Metlakatla Police Department where he again obtained the rank of Sergeant. Lee was hired by the city of Kotzebue in May 1998. He was promoted to Corporal in January 1999. He is currently the departmentís firearms, OCAT (pepper spray), Baton, Defensive Tactics, and Breath Alcohol instructor. He is a Shift Supervisor and a Field Training Officer. Lee helped inplement the Department Bicycle Patrol program in 1999. Lee is an assistant wrestling coach at the Kotzebue High School. He has taught firearm safety at the youth cultural camp located at Pikes Spit.

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Posted November, 2000