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Rita Ryder Info

Rita Ryder Biographical Information

C.O. Rita Ryder, March, 2001

Corrections Officer Rita Ryder was Born and raised in Selawik, AK and graduated from Mt. Edgecumbe High School in Sitka in 1968. She received a Bachelor's degree in Social Work in 1994 from UAF. Rita lived in Germany for 2 years with her husband in the Military, and also spend 5 years in Colorado. She returned to Kotzebue in 1979. She helped form the original Women's Shelter. She worked as a Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) Coordinator at Kotzebue IRA and has done social work and alcohol counseling with Maniilaq. Rita joined the staff at the Jail in 1997.
Rita enjoys mystery novels, surfing and chatting on the internet, and volunteers part-time at KOTZ radio. She and her husband raised 2 children have 2 grandsons and they have two cats and two dogs.

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Posted March, 2001