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Robert Rootes Info

Robert Rootes Biographical Information

C.O. Robert Rootes

Robert Rootes was born and raised (mostly) in New York. He spent a few years in Florida and realized it was just too hot to live there. He graduated High School in Bath, NY, majoring in Art and English. After a few failed attempts at a real career he found his way to Alaska with a strong background in the retail market. He got a better opportunity as a Dispatcher / Jailer in October of 2000 where he feels right at home. He is proud to be a part of the Kotzebue Police Department. He and his beautiful wife Carrie have been living in Kotzebue since 1999. They have two perfect cats and (at this time) are expecting their first baby! Robert is an active artist and has published his first fictional novel, SOUL TAKERS, which is available at bookstores everywhere! And on-line at 1st

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Posted April, 2001