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Rudy Hecker Info

Rudy Hecker Biographical Information

R.P.O. Rudy Hecker August, 2000

Originally from Bluefield Virginia, Rudy moved to Kotzebue in 1980 at the age of four with his parents where he lived until 1991, when he moved to Kiana, AK and then relocated back to Kotzebue in 1994.
Rudy started his career in the Emergency Services field in 1994 at the age of 18, when he became a Volunteer with the Kotzebue Fire Department. He is currently one of five-paid personnel that work at the Fire Department. Rudy obtained his EMT-1 certification in 1996, AED Tech. in 1997 and his EMT-2 Certification in 1998. Rudy is one of four people with the Fire Department that is certified in Confined Space Rescue and is the administrator for the National Fire Information Reporting System for Kotzebue. Rudy took on a full time position as a Corrections Officer/Dispatcher for the Kotzebue Regional Jail in 1996 where he worked until 1999 when he transferred to his current position with the Fire Department.
In 1998 he started as a Reserve Police Officer with the Kotzebue Police Department and has been doing it since.
In 1999, Rudy began work at the Maniilaq Health Center as an On-Call Relief Medivac Crew Member providing medical care to the surrounding villages.
Among Rudy’s accomplishments, he is a CPR/First Aid & Professional Rescuer CPR Instructor for the American Red Cross, Certified Police Instructor and assists the Chief of Police as the Juvenile Guard Coordinator. During his time with the Fire Department, Rudy served 3 years as a board member for the Volunteer Fire Association and is a member of the Alaska State Firefighters Association and the Reserve Law Officers Association of America.

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Posted November, 2000